Monday, 4 December 2017

A Warm Cabin of Love

Hello All,

Life can be cruel. We feel like giving up in the chest-deep snow of pressure, stress, disappointment, betrayal, and hurt. There are times when we feel so lost in the snow and we lose the will to trudge through the snowstorm of adversities.

Sometimes the pain of trauma and loss become so big in our eyes that we lose sight of the little warm cabin of love in the distance. The fireplace of care keeps our cold, blistered hands warm and safe.


By Joanne Liaw Sook Ling

In the cold and blistering winter wind
In the bitter deluge of chest-deep snow
When strength is diminished and courage thinned
A warm cabin, like a fireplace, glows

I see the warm cabin from a distance
With God’s strength, I trudge through the chest-deep snow
After hours of tears and persistence
I reached the lovely, warm cabin that glows

I step into the warm cabin of love
A warm fireplace in the corner glows
I hear laughter that warms me like a glove
God shows His love through the people we know

‘Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you!’
The care of my loved ones warms my cold hands
I see God’s love in theirs; now that is true
God’s love binds us like a strong rubber band

Our love is a reflection of God’s love
His love was shown through Christ’s death on the cross
He came down to earth from heaven above
Life and hope we’ve gained through His death and loss

I see God’s love in a prayer of a friend
I see His love in a loved one who’s there
They reflect divine love that knows no end
I’m in a warm cabin of love and care

Points for Reflection:
We love because God first loved us.
(1 John 4:19 ESV)
·       God brings people into our lives to help us through the hard times and to bring joy in the bitter cold. The care shown by our loved ones is but a reflection of God’s perfect love. Their love is not perfect, but God’s love is.
·       Perfect, divine love was demonstrated on the Tree where Jesus Christ died for you and me. His bloodied, nail-pierced hands warm our cold, blistered hands. His death brought us life and the Father’s rejection of Him, as He hung on the cross, brought the Father’s acceptance of unworthy sinners like us.
·       There is no greater hero than our Lord Jesus, Christ - the Saviour of the world.
·       This Christmas, as we celebrate the joy of glowing lights and sparkling tinsels, let us remember our Saviour who came down from heaven to earth, born in a humble and filthy manger so that He could save us through His death and resurrection.
·       This Christmas, let us see God’s love through a prayer of a friend and a loved one who’s there. They reflect divine love that knows no end. Let us rest in a warm cabin of love and care.