Monday, 31 July 2017

‘Not My Will…’

Hello All,

We see children crying and throwing tantrums whenever they do not get their way.

Being an aunt to my dearly beloved one-year-old niece, Bethany, I am a witness to her many unhappy moments whenever her desires are denied. Being a doting aunt, I tend to spoil her and give in to her whims and fancies.

I thank God that my mum is not like me and she knows what is good for Bethany. She withholds certain objects of desires that she knows would not be good for my little niece in the long run. And she does so out of her love for the little girl.

Adults are not very different from children in this respect. The only difference is that we have acquired sophisticated ways of masking our desires that may have even become demands.

By Joanne Liaw Sook Ling

His sweat was like drops of blood
They trickled down to the ground
His anguish gushed like a flood
In prayer, renewed strength He found

‘Take this cup of wrath from me’
He pleaded with the Father
It was in Gethsemane
Where He prayed this painful prayer

The bitter cup He dreaded
The cup of intense suffering
So, with the Lord, He pleaded
With doleful tears and trembling

‘Not my will but Yours be done’
He prayed in pure submission
Though anguished, the Holy One
Endured great tribulation

He made His way to the Cross
He obeyed His dear Father
He suffered to save the lost
Such love was shown like no other

Do we obey the Father?
Like the pure and Holy One?
Do we tell God in our prayer:
‘Not my will but Yours be done’?

Do we pray in submission?
Or do we cling too tightly
To dreams and aspirations?
Do we trust the Almighty?

We have our crosses to bear
But Christ has gone before us
We’re under His loving care
Follow the steps of Jesus

Points for Reflection:
“Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.”
(Luke 22:42 ESV)
·       Has God been withholding someone or something from you?
·       Does your heart ache with unfulfilled desires and dreams?
·       Do you feel upset with God for not answering your prayers?
·       Are you willing to pray in faith but at the same time submit your desires to God?
·       Like Jesus, are you willing to tell God, ‘Yet not my will but Yours be done’?
·       Are you grateful for what Christ has done for us on the cross? Have desires for other things overshadowed the greatest blessing that we have received as God’s beloved children?
·       We have our crosses to bear, but Christ has gone before us. We’re under His loving care, so follow the steps of Jesus.