Monday, 19 December 2016

A Danish Christmas Tale (Chapter 7)

Hello All,

Have you ever counted down the days to an anticipated event? Do you remember the excitement you felt in the process?

Advent is a period of anticipation for Christmas Day. It constitutes four preceding Sundays before Christmas.

Are you looking forward to Christmas? What is it about Christmas that excites you?

A Danish Christmas Tale
Chapter 7: Advent
By Joanne Liaw Sook Ling (17 October 2016)
Dedicated to a dear friend who inspired the poem.

Christmas was closing in and just a month away
Folks in town were busy preparing for the day
Many were excited, jovial, happy and gay
Preparation for the big day was underway

‘Remember to blow out the calendar candle’
Laura told the girls who were reading the Bible
It was a tradition for the Danish people
To countdown to Christmas each day with the candle

‘This month should be free from protests!’ laughed Ashley
‘No liberals’ demonstrations in the city!’
‘You look troubled. Is everything alright, Cindy?’
‘I’m fearful of those demonstrations, Ashley…’

‘But they have been peaceful so far, right?’ asked Ashley
‘Things can go wrong. My mom and dad died…’ said Cindy
‘I’m so sorry. That must have been painful, Cindy’
‘I still dream about my mom and dad… frequently

It’s like they’re still somewhere in the vicinity
I can’t process their death. It feels unreal to me’
Ashley said, ‘It hurts losing those you loved dearly
On this earth, we grieve, but not for eternity

On this earth, we mourn, but not like those without hope
On this earth, we groan, but not like those who mope
On this earth, we weep, but God’s grace will help us cope
We cling on to Jesus Christ, our life-saving rope’


Points for Reflection:
Come, Lord Jesus!
(Revelation 22:20b ESV)
·         Christmas is the first coming of our Lord Jesus Christ into this world.
·         Advent is a period that represents the anticipation of Christians for Christ’s return to earth, not as a baby, but as a glorified King.
·         We know that life on earth is brief. It is like a candle that burns down and eventually burns out.
·         The candle of Cindy’s parents burnt out too soon. They were too young to die. Their death brought her much grief.
·         But her grieving was not from a position of hopelessness. Deep in her heart, she knew that they had gone home to be with the Lord. They were in a better place and in God’s perfect timing, she will likewise depart from this earth to be with her Lord.
·         Are you grieving the death of someone you hold dear? Do you know of someone in grief?
·         Grieving is a process that should not be rushed. It is a period of healing that God has granted to us. Grieve, but not without hope. Grieve with full assurance that they are with the Lord.

·         This assurance enables to say, ‘Come, Lord Jesus!’