Monday, 5 December 2016

A Danish Christmas Tale (Chapter 5)

Hello All,

Music is God’s gift to mankind.

It is a gift that inspires and touches the hearts of those who hear it.

It captures the emotions of words expressed from the core of one’s being. Words uttered between men. Words uttered by men in an earnest prayer to God. Words expressed by God to men through the Bible, His living Word.

A Danish Christmas Tale
Chapter 5: A Lovely Tune
By Joanne Liaw Sook Ling (17 October 2016)
Dedicated to a dear friend who inspired the poem.

The bell rang and a day at school came to an end
The students walked home happily with their good friends
‘Cindy, are you looking forward to the weekend?’
Ashley tried her best to converse with her new friend

‘No… I mean, not really,’ Cindy looked down sadly
‘I am really sorry to hear that,’ said Ashley
‘Where do you live? Do you live nearby?’ asked Ashley
‘I live in the orphanage nearby,’ said Cindy

‘How long have you lived there?’ Ashley asked concernedly
‘When my parents died a month ago,’ said Cindy
‘I am really sorry,’ said Ashley dolefully
Some silence ensued between Ashley and Cindy

‘Would you like to look around the church?’ asked Ashley
Cindy nodded and Ashley led her eagerly
‘Well, here we are. This is the main sanctuary’
‘Here are the pews, the paintings, the candles… Cindy?’

Something else had attracted Cindy’s attention 
A lovely grand piano – the church’s lead instrument
‘Could you play a tune?’ Ashley asked with excitement
Cindy’s eyes lit up with great anticipation

A lovely tune emanated from her fingers
It was sweet and simple, like a gentle whisper
It was sad but hopeful, like a tender prayer
To Ashley’s ears, it was a tune like no other

‘That was beautiful,’ Ashley’s blue eyes brimmed with tears
‘The tune has touched my heart and not only my ears
It’s a prayer uttered in times of anguish and fear
It’s reminded me of God’s love throughout the years’

‘So, how did you learn piano? Who taught you to play?’
She looked lost and confused; she didn’t know what to say
‘I don’t know… I can’t recall who taught me to play…’
Ashley said, ‘It’s okay. You may recall someday’


Points for Reflection:
[1] I waited patiently for the LORD; he inclined to me and heard my cry.
[3] He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.
(Psalm 40:1,3a ESV)
·         God comforted Ashley through Cindy’s lovely tune.
·         The words of Ashley’s prayers were captured in a sweet and simple melody.
·         God reminded her of His love and faithfulness throughout the years of traumatic experiences and memories of them.
·         Cindy’s sweet and simple melody captured not only the words of Ashley’s prayers but hers as well.
·         Her prayers were expressed from a heart grieving over the death of her parents. God heard her cry and comforted not only her but Ashley as well.
·         Has God ever comforted you through a song? Do you know of anyone who needs to be reminded of God’s love through a song? Who could you be sharing that song with?