Sunday, 1 March 2015

'Teach Us How to Pray' (Episode 3)

Hello All,
The part of the poem that we will be emphasising on today is highlighted in blue. The black colour text in the poem is a recap of what we have already done last week.
Let us now continue with the third episode of this poem…

'Teach Us How to Pray' (Episode 3)
By Joanne Liaw Sook Ling (February 12, 2015)
When was the last time you knelt down humbly to pray?
Was it this morning, yesterday or last Sunday?
Was it last week, last month or a few years ago?
Or only when you are face to face with a foe?

Prayer is not as complicated as it seems
It is sharing with God our feelings, needs and dreams
It is responding to our Lord with thanksgiving
As we look forward to the coming of the King

The Lord Jesus Himself showed us how we should pray
The Lord’s Prayer guides us when we don’t know what to say
It reminds us of our dependence on Jesus
To love, strengthen, encourage and provide for us

The Lord’s Prayer begins with, 'Our Father in heaven’
Which helps us to address the God of creation
As, 'our Father', who is sovereign and yet loving
To those He has called, 'Children of the King of kings’

'Hallowed be Your name,’ hearkens us to treat God’s name
With the highest honour, reverence and acclaim
We are not to profane the name of God Almighty
For His sacred name is set apart as holy


Points for Reflection:
Pray then like this:
“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.
(Matthew 6:9 ESV)
·         In our world today, many tend to treat God as a Santa Claus; especially when it comes to prayer.
·         That is the reason that most people only pray when they want or need something.
·         However, we should not only seek the gifts but the Giver Himself.
·         ‘Hallowed be Your name’, is a constant reminder for us to approach God with reverence for His name is higher than any other.
·         How are you treating God’s name?
·         Do you realise that you are praying to the Almighty God who is the creator of all things and the Giver of life itself?

·         Is God the Lord of your life or just a mere servant to meet your desires?