Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Unforgiving Servant: Part 2 (Matthew 18:28-30)

Hello All,

Just to a quick recap on ‘The Unforgiving Servant: Part 1’ that was posted a few weeks ago:
·         The servant could not repay his debt to the king and was about to face the penalty of defaultment.
·         So the servant pleaded for mercy and the king forgave him and cancelled all of his debts out of compassion.    

The Unforgiving Servant: Part 2 (Matthew 18:28-30)
By Joanne Liaw Sook Ling (15th September 2012)

The servant rejoiced at his newfound freedom
He went out of the house with jubilation
But on his way he found a fellow servant
Who owed a hundred denarii in payment

The servant seized his victim by the neck
And demanded full payment for the debt
His fellow debtor fell on his knees
And pleaded for patience, tolerance and mercy

The unforgiving servant showed no sympathy
But imprisoned his debtor as a penalty
For the unresolved debt of a hundred denarii
Until it was paid to the very last penny


Points for Reflection:
·         After experiencing God’s gracious forgiveness for your many sins, are there people being held captive in the prison of your unforgiving heart?
·         How have those people wronged you? It would be good if you could make a mental list (or even a written list if you are hardworking enough) of the names of the people who have wronged you and the ways in which they have hurt you.
·         No matter how long that list of grievances might be, it can never ever compare to the depth of our sin against a holy and righteous God. Do you truly realize the great price that was paid by Christ who hung on the cruel cross for the forgiveness of your sin?

·         There is no denying that it is not easy to forgive certain people in your life especially if they have hurt you deeply. There will definitely be a great struggle in your heart to forgive. But the most important thing is the willingness to try to forgive, not relying completely on our own strength but asking God to help us. Why don’t you take a few moments to tell God about the unforgiveness you are harbouring in your heart and ask him to help you to forgive? Your heart will become lighter as you learn to surrender the burden of unforgiveness to God each day.