Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Prodigal God: Part 2 (Luke 15:14-20)

Hello All,

Welcome back to W.E.M.B.

It’s a beginning of a fresh week and each day ushers in unexpected as well as anticipated hurdles and challenges.

But we can find solace each time we unburden the problems, worries and sadness of our hearts to our loving heavenly Father 

Last week we saw the younger son demanded a share of his father’s property even while his father was still alive, left home and plunged himself into wild living in search for excitement and meaning in life.

So the parable continues…

The Prodigal God: Part 2 (Luke 15:14-20)
By Joanne Liaw Sook Ling (20th June 2012)

Having spent all he had when famine struck
Friends deserted him as he ran out of luck
No one would spare him a morsel of bread
Not even the pods of the pigs he fed

Famished, he finally came to his senses
He decided to return home repentant
He would pay his father back for damages
By offering himself as a hired servant

Ashamed of his filth and tattered clothes
He journeyed home with his head bowed low
He rehearsed the lines of his new role
As a servant of his father’s household

His father saw him from a distance
And ran towards him with no hesitance
Enveloped him with a loving embrace
And welcomed him with a kiss on his face


Points for Reflection:
Like the younger son in this parable,
·         Have you sought fulfillment in worldly pleasures, ambitions and even relationships only to find that all things, without our heavenly Father in the picture, leave you feeling empty?
·         After the thrill for the moment evaporates, do you try to fill that void with perhaps something more exciting only to find your spiritual life impoverished?
·         Are you at the crossroads of your life (or could you recall a time), where you are confronted with the dilemmas, uncertainties, disappointments and brokenness of your circumstances?
·         When this life has left you empty, broken and wanting, have you made a U-turn to return to God?
·        As you start to turnaround and head home to our heavenly Father, do you feel that your past sins have made you unworthy of God’s grace and you are no longer fit to be called a child of God anymore?
·        If you have not made that U-turn, why don’t you do so now? Our heavenly Father is yearning for our return and will welcome us with open arms.